Chinwe Mirian Odionye, Danjuma Mathew Yareh, Chinedu Ibekwe, Hannah Agboakiosime Salami


In this study, we assessed the influence of celebrity endorsement on consumers’buying decision of a brand, with particular reference to Globacom telecommunication Limited.The objectives of this study were to ascertain customers’ perception of the use of celebrity endorsement on Globacom telecommunication; to determine the influence of celebrity endorsement on the buying behaviour of consumers of Globacom; to ascertain whether the use of celebrity endorsement by Globacom telecommunication helps the company to get more subscribers; to know consumers’ preference of Globacom endorsements by celebrities to Globacom endorsements by non-celebrities; and to know if endorsement by celebrity reflects the quality of product or services. Thestudy usedMeaning Transfer Model as the theoretical foundation. The research design used was the mixed method comprisingsurvey and in-dept interview whilethe questionnaire and the interview guidewere the instruments for data collection. The population of the study was Globacom subscribers in Nigeria. The population figure of the study was 54,840,192.A sample size of 400 was got from this figure using Taro Yemani formula. Data collected through questionnaire were analyzed using frequency table and simple percentages while data collected through interview were analyzed thematically. From the findings, consumers perceived that celebrities give a real image of the brand and that celebrity-endorsed products are of good quality. Findings also showed that celebrities have significant influence on buying decisions ofsubscribers.From the finding also, a greater percentage of consumers patronizeGlobacom because their favourite celebrity endorsed it. Based on the findings, the study recommended that Globacom Managers should continue using celebrities for endorsements, especially the celebrities who reflect thereal image of the products they endorse.


Celebrity; Celebrity endorsement; Consumer; Buying Decision; Globacom; Nigeria;

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